Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to buy items ?

Step 01 - For registering click "My account" and create username, enter your Email and password

Step 02 - Enter your Email or username and password to log in (If you were log out)

Step 03 - Search the item

Step 04 - Click "Add to cart" and view cart

Step 05 - Click "Proceed to check out" (Apply the coupon code to reduce the price, if you already have a coupon code)

Step 06 - Fill the form (Fill delivering address instead of street address)

Step 07 - Click "Place order"

Step 08 - Select a payment method and do the payment

Step 09 - Wait until it is delivering after paying

Can I get refund after buying item(s) ?

Yes. You can. You can be refunded within 3 hours after paying. You can not get refund after 3 hours.

Can I exchange which I bought item(s) with another item(s) ?

You can not do it.

If item(s) did not be received within estimate delivered days to my doorstep, what should I need to do ?

Send a message to for getting refund.

If item(s) getting damage while delivering, what should I need to do ?

Inform by a message and wait until we check. After proofing item(s) damage while delivering, we will refund you.

If I was damaged item(s) by my hand, does refund me ?

No. We do not refund.

Is there warranty to item(s) ?

It is mentioned while buying items. View item(s) page(s) whether there is warranty or not. If there is not warranty, we have not mentioned that there is not warranty.

How many days spend for items handling ?

Three working days for retail orders.

Is there Extra Charges after paying product(s) cost ?

May be. If Sri Lanka customs say to pay any charges, you have to pay that all charges for clearing. We do not pay any charges to customs for clearing item(s).

Which payment methods can I use for paying ?

Do I have benefits of ?


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