Multi-Function Practical Peeling Garlic Stainless Steel


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Material: stainless Steel Alloy Plating / Size: 5.7 cm*3 cm / Weight: 3.2 g 

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No matter which dish you have to put garlic, it is tasteful!! Are you still troubled by the trouble of peeling garlic and hot hands? Are you still worried about scratching your hands when using a scraper to shave ginger in your home? Are you still worried about things that you want to eat chestnut without peeling? No, there is now a multi-purpose sanitary planer to help you solve this problem, without peeling the skin.

When you are picking a variety of pickles, peeling garlic is a waste of time, your hands hurt, and the housewives are the most troublesome. Let the garlic peeler help you.

Do you still buy the peeled garlic now? Now it is no longer a headache to peel the garlic!

The multi-functional sanitary planer is a new product that is simple and quick to peel.

The bending adjustment can be made according to the size of the finger, and the fit is stable.

This baby has a very good effect on ginger peel, because the knife is more accurate with the thumb, so the whole process is more rapid. After the skill is mastered, you can cut off a ginger in 10 seconds, and customers who are used to ginger peeling come to buy it. This multi-purpose garlic peeler is worth your while.

Best Quality.

Made in China.

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